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Radar was an elderly mustang gelding located on a kill lot after being purchased at an auction in the West. He was one of dozens of horses rescued from a gruesome fate during the Fall of 2019. After a few days in safe quarantine, it became apparent Radar was having difficulty breathing. Veterinary exam revealed he had advanced heaves (“COPD) and parts of his lungs were no longer getting air. He was given a dose of steroids which only gave nominal relief for a few days.
A second, more in-depth vet exam took place to also re-check his heart rate, remaining lung capacity and related issues. Radar’s heart rate was dangerously high from the strain of trying to breathe (this disease would have taken years to become this severe) so he was humanely euthanized to stop his suffering before he could have died of heart failure.  Too many people think heaves can be helped/stopped by a change of environment. This is a progressive disease and must be closely monitored as soon as it appears. There is no cure.

More About Radar

  • Success Story
  • Bay
  • Gelding
  • 1993
  • Mustang
  • Colorado

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