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Seamus was left behind with three other horses when their owner passed away. The horses had been surviving neglect before that (starvation and/or injuries/illness). Without the compassion and hay given by a neighbor, these horses could easily have died as two other horses and a mule had at some point.

It’s possible that Seamus was trained by the Amish as a cart/driving horse since the former owner had purchased other horses from them. We learned from a neighbor who stepped in to keep the horses alive that Seamus had been born on the property many years earlier to another horse who eventually died from starvation and/or health issues. He was born outside of a shelter and ended up with frostbite to the tips of his ears. No veterinary care was provided as far as anyone could say. For the past few years, the horses continued to live on a remote farm outside of a small Wisconsin town as the owner’s physical and mental health declined.

A person who was listed in the recently deceased owner’s trust to take the horses had predeceased the owner. As a last resort, Front Range Equine Rescue was contacted. It took months to get the horses to Colorado as winter weather, veterinary and farrier care, and arranging safe transport all took time to coordinate. Two of the horses also were not capable of immediate transport even if it had been available which it was not. In May 2021,Seamus and his three companions traveled safely to CO. He is continuing with a more thorough evaluation and appears to be in the best condition of any of the horses.

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  • In Assessment
  • Bay
  • Gelding
  • 1991
  • Standardbred cross
  • Colorado

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