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Pete was rescued in December 2014 from a kill pen at a low-end auction. He was frightened and defensive. He had been left in a halter that was too small and grown into his face. He didn’t like humans and was initially uncertain around other horses. Whatever his past experiences, they had not been good. Pete underwent retraining for ground manners and began other training evaluation. He progressed to under saddle work and has done very well. Pete needs a confident intermediate or better rider. He’s been ridden by both experienced adults and junior riders. Pete moved to a new home in March 2017.

More About Pete

  • Success Story
  • Chestnut
  • Gelding
  • 2006
  • Arabian / Quarterhorse pony
  • 13.3h
  • Advanced to Experienced Rider
  • 150 lbs.
  • $875
  • Colorado

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