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Katrina was rescued in December 2014. She was in a slaughter pen at a low-end auction. She was very thin and just 3 years old. We soon learned she was in foal and she gave birth a few months later. Over time Katrina regained her health and went into training assessment.

Katrina has been ridden under saddle at the walk, trot, and canter. She is green-started and ready to continue learning with an experienced rider/owner. She is smart and willing but requires a confident leader. Katrina should make a nice pleasure horse for trail riding.

Katrina pulled a ligament in the spring of 2018 and has been on stall rest (graduating to stall/run) since that time. It is an injury which will take many months to heal. She is due for an updated ultrasound of the injured area. Unfortunately, her adopter was unable to keep her and returned her in November 2018 to the rescue.

Update: Katrina has healed up from her soft tissue injury from 2018 and is back to training evaluation and slow, light work. It is hoped she will be available for adoption by mid to late summer 2019. She will be for an experienced rider for light to medium pleasure/trail riding only. No competition riding; no jumping.

After spending a few months getting reconditioned for light to medium riding, Katrina began showing signs of soreness. A thorough veterinary exam revealed OCD lesions in her hind legs. Katrina will not be rideable and has been retired with the rescue.

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  • Success Story
  • Bay
  • Mare
  • 2011
  • Thoroughbred
  • 15.2h
  • Colorado

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