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Josie was rescued in January 2017 from a low-end auction where kill buyers were bidding on all horses. She was approximately 11-12 months old and had little to no handling. Josie was very upset and afraid as she was abruptly taken from her mother (she had not been weaned) and also separated from her sister and father — all being sold off at the auction.

Josie was paired with her sister Hanna which helped both fillies settle into their new environment. Josie’s rescue, rehab, training and adoption are being done in partnership with Shiloh Acres Horse Rescue. She’s being updated on all medical and other needs including worming and farrier care (after appropriate training to be handled).

2017-2018 Update: Josie is being taught basic ground manners and she’s learned to stand for the farrier, load into a trailer, halter/lead, stand for grooming and the vet. She requires a home experienced with properly bringing up a young horse. She is about 14h and is likely to continue growing over the next few years.

2019 Update: Josie is ready to start initial under saddle training. She requires an experienced owner who has the right skills to bring a young horse along or is working with a professional trainer who knows how to appropriately bring a young horse along in its training.

Spring 2020 Update: Josie is now green-started under saddle. She is learning to trot with a rider. She needs an experienced owner to continue her training. Josie will make an excellent trail horse as she has a calm manner under saddle.

ADOPTED in September 2020 to a qualified home.

UPDATE (May 2020): Due to a family member with medical issues causing the adopter to move, Josie had to be returned from her adoptive home to the rescue. She will settle back in and undergo a training evaluation refresher before being available to a qualified home for trail riding (experienced owner only).

Before any training re-evaluation, Josie was seen for updated veterinary care (dental, Coggins) and a lameness evaluation. She is sore in front due to “thin soles” which will be treated with recommended farrier care (corrective shoeing). Once shod, it will likely be several weeks until Josie can undergo a fresh training assessment, after the hoof soreness subsides. It is hoped she could become available during the summer.

UPDATE (July 2020): Josie passed her training evaluation with flying colors, but requires some final diagnostics and treatment for a mild lameness issue. She should become available for placement in the near future to a qualified home for light to medium trail rides. She is NOT available for any type of competition riding. New owner should be an intermediate to experienced rider as Josie is a young horse.

UPDATE (March 2021): After numerous assessments, it was recommended by the veterinarian that Josie would not be able to ride due to a non-treatable lameness in her right front hoof. While she is “sound” on her own, any riding would lead to further wear and increased lameness overtime. In April 2021 Josie was placed in a new home as a companion only horse.

By mid May 2021, Josie had been showing signs of aggression toward the horse she was a companion to (a gelding about her age and similar energy personality). She was returned to the rescue and other behavioral issues had become notable regarding Josie (mares went into season around her).

She was examined for possible ovarian cysts or tumors after consultation with vets who agreed with the rescue’s assessment she had hormonal imbalance issues. At this time, Josie’s lameness issue and behaviors are being closely monitored.

UPDATE (summer 2022): After time off, Josie is being re-evaluated by a trainer to see if her past lameness issue has resolved or will return during a groundwork assessment (and under saddle if she passes through groundwork without any signs of lameness).

UPDATE (2023): After additional evaluation in 2022 and early 2023, it was determined that Josie had physical limitations due to past injury and hereditary issues which caused increased lameness as she grew older. Josie retired to live out her life at a private farm in CO where many of FRER’s rescue horses are kept.

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  • Retired
  • Paint
  • Filly
  • 2015
  • Paint
  • 14h
  • Colorado

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