They call me Jingo and I was saved from a kill lot.

I was very underweight and lame from years of mistreatment. I can be very shy and skittish at times but that is what helped me try to avoid bad people. But when I am handled well and properly cared for, I let people know I am a sweet-natured horse. I had some good owners a long time ago who taught me to be well-mannered. But as I was sold off, things got worse. The way I was treated has left me with a sway-back and some arthritis. I am on the small side and didn’t always have a light rider or good tack.

A big horse named Beaux who had a bad eye was my first best friend at the rescue.

I was very nervous when I came to the rescue. It took me some time to adjust. Once I saw they always took care of me (and my other horse friends) I knew I could be braver and a little steadier when being handled. A big horse named Beaux who had a bad eye was my first best friend at the rescue. He relied on me as he was also new. We got healthy in Colorado, but later made a long trip to a foster farm in Virginia to try finding new homes. People at the farm liked to brush me and and give me horse treats. I never found a new home so have come to the sunshine state of Florida where I get to retire at the rescue’s new farm. I’ll be so glad to not see snow again or walk in mud from spring and summer rain. Beaux and some of the other rescue horses came with me too. We’re busy meeting our new friends and eating yummy grass!

More About Jingo

  • Success Story
  • Gelding
  • 1991
  • Paso FIno
  • Florida

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