Dante was removed from a financially troubled animal sanctuary in Florida during April 2018. Initial assessment showed he has urgent dental care needs, parasite issues, poor hoof condition and a need for improved nutrition. He has a history of being “hard to catch” but is actually more fearful — not a mean bone in his body. Dante has responded well to daily handling during his rehabilitation. He had one incident of what appeared to be stress or parasite related colic, but there is a good chance it was related to potential ulcer issues. Dante came through it very well and has not had any problems since. It is hoped he will successfully rehabilitate and we can bring out this little guy’s true personality.

Update: Dante progressed very well with learning to trust and be handled for routine care after being very stand-offish upon arrival. During further assessment, it was clear he had a breathing issue which was looked at by 3 different veterinarians with no specific conclusion being reached. X-rays showed he had foundered at some point and there was some rotation of the coffin bone in both front hooves. It was suspected he had metabolic issues and blood work showed positive for Cushings disease. Dante was treated with a variety of therapies for ongoing lameness issues which became more chronic as time went by. Follow up X-ray showed more rotation of his coffin bones (he had also been successfully treated for white line disease). By early 2019 it was apparent no treatments were effective for Dante and he was humanely put down as his quality of life was diminishing even with the use of anti-inflammatory products and other special treatments.

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  • Success Story
  • Pinto
  • Gelding
  • 2005
  • Pony
  • Florida

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