My name is Dakota and I joined the rescue herd in May 2016. I won’t forget that day as it was very rainy. I was unloaded just as it started to pour but we got safely into a nice, clean barn where lots of new friends were ready to meet me. My nice stall and run are in between Pip and Flash. Pip had a lot to tell me; Flash and I like to play over the fence sometimes. I like the hay, green grass and special treats we get each morning and night.

I came to the rescue because my owner couldn’t keep me anymore. They said I was free to a good home. These days it’s not safe to offer a horse for free according to my new friends.

My right hind leg has a very bad injury to it. The rescue lady is pulling out all the stops to see what they can do to help me. The vet kept saying “traumatic injury” and “badly torn tendons with scar tissue and arthritis”. I’ve had a lot of attention including fixing my really sharp and painful teeth after a dental check up and float. The X-rays and ultrasound were a little scary but I held still because everyone was very calm and nice. Buddy and Redsey were standing close by in their stalls so that helped.

After my initial diagnostics, I received a series of shots to help with the arthritis in my joints. But what I really like are the massages to help with left over pain and to work on occasional swelling. I take a pill for inflammation but it’s buried in yummy treats so I don’t even know it’s there. Monti and I had occasional skirmishes over the fence. He thinks he’s top horse here and I like to challenge him. But after we got too rowdy and knocked a fence board down, we are not allowed to have over the fence access to each other anymore. My leg isn’t going to ever heal up properly but the rescue is giving me as much pain management as possible. I get “scolded” when I occasionally forget my injury and get silly with some bucking when first turned out.

April 2017 UPDATE: Dakota’s old leg injury eventually began to become more painful and he regressed from progress made initially. New X-rays showed significant bone deterioration of the hock joint with no chance for further pain management. Dakota was humanely euthanized on 4/11/17. Rest in peace, handsome Dakota.

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  • Success Story
  • Paint
  • Gelding
  • 1998
  • Paint
  • Florida

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