I was born on a farm with other Thoroughbred horses.

We used to run and play in the pastures. When I was still young, several of us were taken away. I was being started as a race horse. It was a confusing time. Sometimes I was cared for, but as time went on, I was not. Many of the horses had a hard time. They were better off if they won. It was so hard being confined except for time on the track. I missed the green pastures of my early days.

One day I was taken away from the track. I became what they call a broodmare. I had foals, year after year. My health began to suffer and the lack of care took its toll. As I got older, the people had little use for me and I found myself sent to a tiny area with no grass, a bale of moldy hay, and no water. A few other sad horses were with me; we heard the “meat man” was coming for us. I was in pain from being bred so many times and never cleaned that I had a raging pelvic infection.

I’m happy to be able to “mother” all the younger mares who come to the rescue.

One morning a trailer came and two people came over to see us. They were speaking to the man who brought us to this hidden, desolate lot. They had come for a young Thoroughbred with a bad knee (Uno) who was very scared. The woman came over to me and looked me over. She seemed angry but hid it from the man who owned us. I was very happy when both Uno and I got loaded into her trailer. Both Uno and I got proper care when we arrived at a new farm, one with grazing, good hay, clean water and shelter. The rescue lady has retired me as they know my life was hard for many years. I’m happy to now live in Florida at the rescue’s farm where I am safe, cared for and protected from bad people.

Cassie will live out her life retired at the rescue.

More About Cassie

  • Success Story
  • Mare
  • 1998
  • Thoroughbred
  • Florida

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