Horse Slaughter Update – Ban Long Overdue

Thousands of innocent horses are still recklessly thrown away and end up in the brutal slaughter pipeline. Numerous humane alternatives exist for horses other than slaughter which is barbaric, cruel and completely unnecessary. America’s horses are not raised or regulated as food animals; their systems contain substances banned for use in food animals due to the many products and medications containing such ingredients (wormers, medications, fly spray, even supplements).

The number of horses exported to Canada for slaughter continues to decline with a recent decrease from over 6,900 horses in 2020 to just over 5,100 horses in 2021.

Tragically, the fate of thousands of U.S. horses still caught up in the slaughter pipeline remains with over 4,400 of the over 5,100 horses being shipped through the Bouvry Export feedlot in Shelby, Montana. This filthy lot acts as the main hub for all U.S. horses purchased for slaughter in Canada.

Unfortunately Bouvry still has a solid crew of suppliers in ten states to ensure a steady supply of horses. The Animals’ Angels organization confirmed through its recent investigations that a collection of long-term kill buyers still faithfully deliver horses to the Bouvry feedlot. Kill buyers on the list include:

  • Ole Olson, Nevada
  • Max Palmer, Idaho
  • Chuck Walker, Washington
  • Keith Tongen, Minnesota
  • Curt Anderson, Montana
  • Jack Paluso, Oregon

Animals’ Angels also discovered that from the Warm Springs area in Oregon suppliers shipped 161 Mustangs to the Shelby lot. Many of these poor horses were under two years old.

Click here to learn more about their investigation into the gruesome horse slaughter industry which remains active.