Federal Legislation Will Ban Horse Slaughter

For many years, the number of horses going to slaughter has sharply declined. Now is the time to end this dying industry once and for all.

Last week, the U.S. House of Representatives subcommittee on Consumer Protection and Commerce heard testimony on the Save America’s Forgotten Equines (“SAFE”) Act to ban horse slaughter and any export of horses for slaughter

An important step now is for the SAFE Act to get a “markup” before the full House Energy and Commerce Committee. During a markup, the committee will debate, amend and vote before sending the bill to the floor so that the full House can vote on it.

Time is running out on the current Congress. It is extremely critical to keep up pressure on members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee to hold a markup now.

While not officially listed as a cosponsor to the SAFE Act, the committee’s Chairman Frank Pallone, Jr., is a long-time supporter of banning horse slaughter.

However, the committee needs to hear from Americans that passing the SAFE Act is of the utmost importance.

Americans do NOT eat horses. America’s horses are NOT raised or regulated as a food animal. There are over 112 banned substances found in a variety of horse care products and medications which make horse meat unsafe for human consumption.

There is nothing humane about horse slaughter, whether done in the U.S. or across its borders. It’s a vile, cruel, and unnecessary industry that has been sharply declining for several years now.

Finally, there are numerous humane, practical alternatives to horse slaughter. A variety of equine-assisted therapy programs is just one example.

To find members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, go to www.house.gov.