No Horse Slaughter in America


On October 31, 2013 our TRO expired, so on November 1 we filed a motion to extend our TRO until the judge makes her decision. Late in the day on November 1, 2013 the judge ruled against us on the NEPA case.

We immediately filed an appeal to the decision in the 10th court of appeal. We also filed an emergency motion to stop horse slaughter from beginning. On Monday, November 4, 2013 we are happy to announce that the Court of Appeal has granted our motion for a temporary injunction, for a short time, staying the district court’s ruling last week. By November 7 the other side has to file their opposition, and we then have until November 8th to file our reply.

For now, no horses can be slaughtered in America, and the chance of environmental contamination from horse slaughter is again in the hands of the courts. But we will be fighting further this week, and should know more by week’s end. This is a BIG victory for the horses!

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