Adoption Alumni Update – Anna

Keeping up with Anna

In June 2012, we saved several horses from a low-end auction in Colorado. One of those horses was a little paint filly we named Anna.

An initial veterinary exam showed that Anna was about 18 months old. She had thickening near her knees which was diagnosed as epiphysitis. A second vet confirmed this diagnosis as the swelling was confined to the end of the radius while the knee bones themselves appeared to be normal. Anna also had a good range of motion.

With some dietary restrictions and making sure she didn’t do any “hard” work (or play), we let Anna continue to grow up and receive appropriate dental and farrier care as needed. By July 2013, a follow-up exam showed that Anna’s legs were normal and she would be able to go into light training.

In 2014, Anna was adopted to a wonderful home who has kept us updated on their progress together. Here is a recent update for 2018:

Anna has been doing cattle work this past summer and she really seems to enjoy the boxing classes at the cutting shows. We finished year end in the top 10 in Open Boxing with the Southern Colorado Cutting Horse Association and 5th place year-end with the Colorado Obstacle Challenge Series group. Also took her to a Buck Brannaman clinic. I felt so small next to him, but what an awesome experience!

Our thanks go to Barbara for giving this once cast-off little filly a loving, permanent home and to Sandy at Victory Hill Training Center for pairing the two of them up!