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Slim Shady


Slim Shady was rescued from the “meat pen” at a kill auction in PA during October 2014. According to the vet report, he was 11-12 years old with a body condition score of 1/9. During his initial vet exam, he suffered from a choke episode. He was immediately treated for this, but by the next morning was “completely obstructed and weak and depressed from the discomfort of choke and starvation.” The vet also noted that “at this time it became very apparent that there was likely a more significant issue with this horse making re-feeding very difficult.”

Slim Shady was humanely euthanized and the pathologist who performed a necropsy commented that she felt this horse was “too far gone” pertaining to his state of starvation. The necropsy report stated Slim Shady was “in poor body condition with minima adipose tissues and prominent bones” (severely emaciated).

This horse is not available for adoption


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