Sherman was an older ranch horse, lamed up and dumped at some auction. He was bought up with a load of horses by a horse trader/kill buyer. Someone paid this horse’s “fee” but no one had a place for him to go. We took him into the rescue to stop him from being further neglected and in danger of abuses or eventual slaughter.
Sherman was thoroughly evaluated by an equine veterinarian including X-rays which showed extensive damage in his right front fetlock. Other joints had arthritis as well, but might have been manageable. However, the front leg’s internal joint damage was long-term and was excessively painful with no treatment option. Sherman was humanely put down to end the suffering he endured in his final years after what clearly had been a “work ’em until they break down” philosophy. Adding insult to injury, he was also emaciated under his winter hair coat.
He was a kind, sweet horse who didn’t deserve the callous treatment and lack of care from his prior and any other previous owner.

More About Sherman

  • Success Story
  • Bay/Roan
  • Gelding
  • 1994
  • Quarter Horse
  • Colorado

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