Pony Girl (PG) (ADOPTED)


Pony Girl (“PG”) is an owner surrender to the rescue and came to us in March 2019. She’s about 20-21 years old and has a lot of energy. Pony Girl was initially very difficult to catch but is very smart and did have past training. Years of being handled very little made her unwilling to be caught up. Once haltered, she does handle well and she did very well with her first farrier trim. After settling in more she will receive a more thorough veterinary evaluation as she is also overdue for dental care, worming and vaccinations. Pony Girl was never trained to be ridden and has basically been a companion horse to Barone.

Update: Pony Girl has been doing well at the rescue. She is less codependent on Barone (her father) than he is on her. She has done very well, after some initial handling, with farrier care and updating veterinary needs. She underwent dental exam and care which had been lacking before coming to the rescue. Pony Girl, like her father, is very energetic but easily handled by experienced people only.

2021 Update: Pony Girl has become friendly and more relaxed as she’s been with the rescue for 2 years. She still has the energy common to Paso Finos, but with more consistent handling has been much improved with basic ground manners and overall handling. Due to her age, it is unlikely she would become a riding horse, even in a limited way, so she will be available to a qualified home as a companion horse only. She gets along well with mares and geldings and has been around mules and donkeys as well. In March 2021, Pony Girl moved to a new home to be a companion to an older Morgan gelding. They bonded from the minute they met!

Update 2023: Over the holidays, we were saddened to learn that Mystique (aka “Pony Girl”) was diagnosed with a colic impaction which became untreatable leading to her being humanely euthanized after several medical treatments. Her loving adoptive family has been grief stricken as we are too.

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  • Success Story
  • Bay
  • Mare
  • 1998
  • Paso Fino
  • Colorado

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