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Moose joined the rescue in January 2019 when his owner could no longer provide for his care. The owner had tried to safely rehome her horses but due to her own worsening and serious medical problems had reached the point where it was urgent they be safely placed. Moose is about 17 hands and was being lightly ridden until several months ago. He will undergo a thorough evaluation for any potential health issues and then given training evaluation when appropriate.

Update: A thorough veterinary evaluation for lameness or other issues was provided to Moose including X-rays and other diagnostics. Results showed progressed arthritis in his right front fetlock and pastern area including the coffin bone. There was also signs of arthritis in his hocks. We had noted some issues with movement of his hind end and the vet diagnosed a condition known as “Shivers.” Read more about Shivers here. Moose will live out his life with the rescue.

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  • Success Story
  • Bay
  • Gelding
  • 2001
  • Warmblood
  • Colorado

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