Kahana (Koh-haa-nuh) comes from the Sioux word for swift. Kahana is one of three young mustangs captured in 2021 where all ended up in the slaughter pipeline in July 2023. Front Range Equine Rescue is sponsoring the cost of initial rescue/rehab and other evaluation as the horses recover and receive all caretaking with the Wild Horse Rescue Center (WHRC).

Kahana was not in good condition upon arrival from TX to WHRC in Florida. Allegedly he and the others had been in a quarantine situation for several weeks prior. Upon arrival at WHRC, Kahana was provided veterinary evaluation and care and has made slow, but steady progress in his first few weeks of recovery.  These horses have suffered a substantial amount of neglect as noted by their body conditions and from results of medical evaluation.

Kahana and his 2 friends are mustangs who had received gentling and training before ending up in the slaughter pipeline. It is unknown how ‘humane” this training might have been. Further investigation will likely reveal that either an owner(s) or a “trainer(s)” received funds to take the horses and planned to dispose of them via auction to end up with a kill buyer. Updates to come as information is (hopefully) obtained.

By the 3rd week of their recovery, Kahana and his fellow rescues (Ahote and Satanta) felt well enough to enjoy turn out in a large arena where they could do some running, grooming each other and eating grass. To see their spirits become uplifted is beyond heartwarming.

UPDATE (2024): Kahana has been successfully adopted along with another mustang to a wonderful new home. He loaded into the trailer like a champion and has settled into his new home with ease and enthusiasm. We thank the Wild Horse Rescue Center (WHRC) for contacting us to assist with the rescue of Kahana and two other endangered mustangs (both of whom are recovered with Satanta also adopted and Ahote awaiting a new home).

More About Kahana

  • In Assessment
  • Chestnut
  • Gelding
  • 2020
  • Mustang
  • Florida

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