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Gretchen (ADOPTED)

Gretchen was initially rescued from a low-end auction in Colorado.

She was successfully rehabilitated and placed in a wonderful home. In 2016, her adoptive home indicated they were unable to keep her and she was returned to Front Range Equine Rescue. We updated some basic care (farrier, dental and worming) and did a training evaluation. Gretchen is a nice mare who gets along well with other horses and has done a lot of trail riding. We did discover an on/off lameness which showed up on occasion and for a short duration. The vet found a sore tendon in her right front leg and indicated Gretchen would need a few months of “rest” to let it heal. Gretchen spent a few months as a companion to an older gelding and has just been released for light-medium trail riding. She needs an intermediate or better rider as she has plenty of Arab personality and willingness to move energetically. Restrictions – no lunging, small circle work, tight turns or the formerly strained tendon could become sore.

Gretchen was adopted to a wonderful new home in November 2017.

This horse is not available for adoption

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