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Cricket was initially rescued in 2010 from a low-end auction. She was adopted several months later as a companion to another horse. In 2018, we received an email from the adopter that her situation had changed and she needed to find Cricket a new home. We took Cricket back into the rescue and have updated her dental care and begun some training evaluation.

Cricket is a super sweet pony mare with a curious personality. She loves being groomed and learning new things. She will be participating in FRER’s summer camps during 2018 (no riding) to help participant’s learn about proper horse care, basic safe handling and other horse care topics. We will continue training evaluation as it is unclear whether Cricket was ever taught basic under saddle (or even driving) before she was dumped as a 5 year old at an auction in 2010.

Cricket has been such a great addition to our educational events that she is being retired with the rescue to be a permanent “educational” ambassador with her equine friends Tilly and Splash. Cricket has a wonderful sponsor who is helping with her ongoing care expenses (thank you Carol!).

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  • In Assessment
  • Dusty Palomino
  • Mare
  • 2005
  • Pony
  • Colorado

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