Audrey was rescued from heading to slaughter in July 2023. This sweet, little mare may have known kindness at some point in her life, but ultimately she was another worked-until-injured and used up horse sent off to an auction only to fall into the wrong hands. The photos show the result of a traumatic and horribly painful leg injury, likely years old based on the amount of bone calcification. Someone also wrung the “last use” out of her as it’s clear she had been bred at least once, possibly more than once. Also based on the severe leg injury, there isn’t any chance that she did not sustain additional physical trauma elsewhere when it happened. Having to compensate with the rest of her body to manage with that injury means she lived in non-stop pain, being forced to carry and have a foal would have exacerbated this. Audrey was humanely put down to end her suffering, giving her compassion and dignity after obvious neglect.

Audrey’s veterinary exam included the following information: left front (LF) very severe carpitis, extremely decreased ROM (range of motion) (estimated 90% gone).

(Carpitis is an acute or chronic inflammation of the carpal joint that may involve the fibrous joint capsule, synovial membrane, associated ligaments, and bones of the carpus which is the knee apparatus in a horse.)

More About Audrey

  • Success Story
  • Chestnut
  • Mare
  • 2003
  • QH
  • Colorado

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