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Front Range Equine Rescue utilizes volunteer help on a limited, scheduled basis to help with barn chores or at events. In 2015, there will be no volunteer opportunities at the facility in Larkspur due to our relocation. Our education/event coordinator will need help at select events. Specialty groups or tours will be limited due to the move and are only available by appointment. Email FRER.. for more information.

See below to read about how our supporters and volunteers find creative ways to help the horses...

Attention current volunteers!!! If you want to be alerted to actions, whether it's concerning wild horses or other rescue needs, join our email group. This email group is strictly for informational purposes only - such as getting important information to you quickly or sharing general updates. This is not a discussion group. If you are interested in joining our email group, Email FRER.

Adopt A Horse

The majority of horses rescued by FRER become available for adoption to permanent, loving, and suitable homes. Please go to our Adopt A Horse web page for adoption details.

Volunteers and Sponsors Getting Creative

Here's what Juli from Wisconsin did:

"Well I did it! I ran 100 miles in 25 hours. It was an awesome, epic experience and whenever I got tired or discouraged I just thought of all the horses I was running for. This motivated me again and again and got me through the discomfort, the fatigue and the doubt.

I knew that each step I took was one step closer to helping another horse be rescued. What was awesome is all the runners I met who once I told them about my goal also pledged to sponsor me.

At one moment about 2:00 am I stood in a meadow surrounded by ponds with frogs as loud as a symphony. I turned off my headlamp and looked up to the heavens and there must have been a trillion stars shining with the moon and the Milky Way so bright. It was as if each of those stars represented every horse past, present and future and I felt as though they were all looking down on me an giving me their blessing. I was 80 miles into the run at that point and I knew I could make the last twenty under that blanket of divine horse energy.

Thank you to each and every one of you who pledged your support." ...excerpt from a note from Juli

And THANK YOU! Juli for your great effort.

The HGT Saddle Club Roundup:

Printed information about the danger to Cloud and his family in their club newsletter. Please visit the FRER wild horse webpage for information about this situation. A special THANKS! to Kathi and her saddle club.

From many others:

Thank you for sending in the petitions you collected to help protect Cloud's herd and other wild horse herds in the western United States. Please visit the FRER wild horse webpage for information about this situation.

your attention please!!

Horse Slaughter

Find out information and share with others

Save the Wild Horses

Your help is urgently needed!!!

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