Horse Owner Assistance Programs

Stop the Backyard Breeder

Stop the Backyard Breeder initiated in 2002, this unique program is the longest running program of its kind which offers a partial reimbursement* (approximately 30%) for castration of stud colts and stallions. This program is available to anyone (individual or rescue) across the United States and applies to horses, donkeys and burros. The reimbursement percentage is based only on the line item expense listed for castration on the vet bill. To apply, send copy of itemized vet bill to Front Range Equine Rescue, PO Box 458, Ocala, FL 34478. Copy of vet bill can also be faxed to us at 352-620-8825.

*Reimbursement through this program is based on actual cost of the castration charge.  It is not based on total cost, farm call, other services provided such as exam fee, drugs, etc that may also be performed at the time of the castration. There is a maximum reimbursement of $200 in the case of a crypt-orchid surgery.


“Thank you for your continued support of our gelding clinics.  We were able to geld 56 stallions last year with your help!”  Danni H., Hope Equine Rescue, Auburn, FL

“Thank you for your financial assistance through your equine gelding reimbursement program.  We appreciate your dedication to equine welfare issues and to helping other rescue organizations such as ours.” Melanie L., Hidden Springs Horse Rescue, Thomasville, GA

“We rescued Rufus, and June 21 had him castrated.  Thank you so much.” Sharon R, Auburn, KS

Trails End

Trails End - a one of a kind, ongoing program implemented nation wide to deter horse owners from sending old, sick, crippled, or dangerous horses to auction where they end up sold for slaughter and to offer financial assistance to owners who need to euthanize their horses (or other equines). A 50% reimbursement* is provided for humane euthanasia as well as 50% reimbursement** for hauling/disposal fee, if applicable.

To apply, send copy of itemized vet receipt (and disposal invoice) to Front Range Equine Rescue, PO Box 307, Larkspur, CO 80118 or fax to us at 719-487-9749. This program reimburses for the line item expense "euthanasia" on the vet bill only. 

For a list of low cost options, please check for your area in

*Reimbursement through this program is based on actual cost of the euthanasia fee. It is not based on total cost, farm call, other services provided such as exam fee, drugs, etc that may also be performed at the visit.

**There is a maximum reimbursement of up to $150 for equipment rental for burial; 50% reimbursement is for hauling/disposal fee.


“Thank you for your programs to help both horses and owners.  I rescued a gelding from a feedlot. One year later he became ill unrelated to the feedlot, and I had to put him down.  Money has been very tight, I am very grateful.” Jamie R., Stayton, OR

“My husband and I are both out of work so we really appreciate your generosity.  Thank you.”  Luanne T, Pleasant Hills, OR

“I heard of your Trails End program through a friend.  This will help tremendously as this horse meant the world to my husband that he used as a sort of therapy while he has been battling cancer the last year and half. Thank you so much for this great program!” Kathy L, Phoenix, AZ

Fire/Disaster Evacuation

In 2002, FRER launched its fire/disaster evacuation and assistance program in response to Colorado’s massive Hayman Fire.  Front Range provided direct assistance to remove horses (and other livestock) to various evacuation sites.  FRER also provided supplies to various evacuation locations and also direct care to over 100 evacuated horses (and other animals) at an evacuation site.

Front Range Equine Rescue has offered assistance during subsequent disasters in Colorado such as the Waldo Canyon Fire (2012) and the Black Forest fire (2013).  FRER also sent supplies during Hurricanes Katrina and Rita to help with horses at evacuation sites.

Front Range Equine Rescue’s brochure “Fire Evacuation for Horses” can be viewed here (click here to view)

Horse Owner Assistance Program

Horse Owner Assistance Program – Front Range Equine Rescue ran a pilot program from 2010-2011 to assist responsible horse owners with basic horse care needs to show that such programs can be highly effective. These programs offered a hand up, not a hand out, to responsible and qualified horse owners with one-time assistance. Areas of help included hay/feed, basic veterinary (dental or vaccinations) services or farrier care. These programs are no longer running.  If you live in Colorado and need temporary relief, you can apply to CO Horsecare Foodbank at  If you live outside of Colorado, a Google search will provide you with information for programs being offered in your state.  We also offer re-homing tips for owners who will be unable to keep their horse(s) due to ongoing financial difficulties.