Kill Lot Rescued Horses

Rescued Horses from Kill Lots

The following equines were one step away from loading onto trucks bound for slaughter. With the help of our supporters, we have been able to pull them from kill lots before meeting a cruel and inhumane death. Several of these horses are titled BLM mustangs. Your help is desperately needed to provide qualified adoptive homes so that we can continue to rescue feedlot horses. It was estimated that one kill lot in Colorado alone provided 200-500 horses per week to the Illinois slaughter plant when it was up and running. Due to the closure of the three U.S. horse slaughter plants, all horses are now shipping to either Canada or Mexico. Horse slaughter in Mexico is particularly cruel and barbaric. At this time, the only way to prevent horses from going to slaughter is to have Congress pass federal legislation to ban slaughter within the U.S. and prevent our horses from shipping across the borders. Check our horse slaughter section for more information.

Please note: pregnant mares were already pregnant upon rescue.
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Horses rescued from kill lots:

Click here for a larger image Mercedes, a Thoroughbred mare, is fully recovered from her injuries and is available for adoption for light riding. ADOPTED!!!




Jade ADOPTED!!! Devon Ameer Anastasia ADOPTED!!!
April ADOPTED!!! Gidget ADOPTED!!! Mia ADOPTED!!! Chelsea
Torrie ADOPTED!!! Winston ADOPTED!!! Nigel ADOPTED!!! Teddy ADOPTED!!!

Willoughby is an 8 year old, TB gelding found on the kill lot in March 2007. He is available for adoption at this time to an experienced owner. ADOPTED!!!


Sapphire and Toby were born to pregnant mares rescued from a kill lot. The foals were born just weeks to a month after the rescue. They have both been successfully adopted. ADOPTED!!!  


Nigel was found on a kill lot with a severe leg injury. He was successfully treated and later adopted. ADOPTED!!!  



Ali is a 3 year old mustang gelding, prevented from going to slaughter. He was successfully rehabilitated and found a new home in 2007. ADOPTED!!! 



Ernestine was pulled from a kill lot by another rescue and turned over to Front Range. Ernestine moved to a new home during November 2007. ADOPTED!!!  



 Click here for a larger imageWe thank Shiloh Acres Ranch rescue for coordinating the rescue of Jazz before he was shipped to slaughter. Front Range rehabilitated Jazz from starvation and a check ligament injury. He was adopted in January 2007. ADOPTED!!!

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Ruby ADOPTED! India Dolly, the mule  ADOPTED!