Rescued Horses - Case Studies

2004 Case Histories

The following case histories represent a small sample of rescued horses that entered Front Range Equine Rescue's (FRER) program in 1997. FRER's quarterly newsletter, The Hoof Beat, highlights histories of all horses that come into the rescue during the last quarter. The newsletter is available online or you can request an email copy.


Case Studies by Year
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Click here for a larger image Click here for a larger image Wilbur: is a 16 year old Thoroughbred gelding rescued from a kid's summer camp. He was beginning to lose weight and the camp director turned him over to FRER. The winter months often make it harder for a horse to gain weight, but by late spring, Wilbur's ribs were no longer visible. He spent a month with a trainer for trail riding assessment and was adopted in June 2004 to a new home.

Click here for a larger image Click here for a larger imageAlaska: is a 19 year old grey mare, part Arabian, rescued from a summer camp. She is approximately 150 pounds underweight, but should make a full recovery. She has a very friendly personality and is already a favorite among rescue volunteers. She is suitable for trail riding by an intermediate rider. Alaska was adopted in April 2005. Before and after photos above.