Rescued Horses - Case Studies

2002 Case Histories

The following case histories represent a small sample of rescued horses that entered Front Range Equine Rescue's (FRER) program in 1997. FRER's quarterly newsletter, The Hoof Beat, highlights histories of all horses that come into the rescue during the last quarter. The newsletter is available online or you can request an email copy.


Case Studies by Year
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Click here for a larger image Click here for a larger imageRalphie: rescued from the Hayman Fire. This old and emaciated gelding was found as FRER evacuated animals threatened by Colorado’s worst fire. Turned over by his owner, FRER placed him under veterinary care for severe malnutrition and unhealed leg wounds. Ralphie was fully recovered within several months and adopted by a wonderful family along with Black Beauty in 2003. Before and after photos above.

Click here for a larger image Click here for a larger image Woody: small bay gelding found in a barren field during the Hayman fire, extremely emaciated, probably within 24 hours of dying from malnourishment and lack of water. Thanks to Park County animal control, Woody was impounded and turned over to FRER for rehabilitation. This fiesty little horse showed great spirit during rehabilitation, recovering from one choke episode and a 4 day illness which left us fearing for his life. After 8 months, Woody was trotting during turn out and eventually began cantering and giving playful bucks with his rescue friend, Ralphie. Adopted in 2003 by a loving new home, Woody is an excellent companion to a Thoroughbred recovering from a leg injury. Before and after photos above.