Rescued Horses - Case Studies

1999 Case Histories

The following case histories represent a small sample of rescued horses that entered Front Range Equine Rescue's (FRER) program in 1997. FRER's quarterly newsletter, The Hoof Beat, highlights histories of all horses that come into the rescue during the last quarter. The newsletter is available online or you can request an email copy.


Case Studies by Year
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Click here for a larger imageClick here for a larger imageTommie: joined the rescue during 1999 when his owners found him 3-legged lame with a twisted blanket around his torso one morning. The diagnosis was a fractured coffin bone with the fracture entering the joint. Six months of stall rest was part of his rehabilitation process, but the prognosis was uncertain. FRER took this 4 year old Thoroughbred and used several alternative therapies including infrared light treatments, magnetic therapy and added joint supplements to his diet. Tommie wore a special shoe to help stabilize the foot. After 4 ½ months, he was allowed to be hand walked and soon turned out in a small, sandy round pen. Following a final X-ray, Tommie was released 7 months into his recovery for light training. Within two months a special home came to see Tommie and it was love at first sight. Donna and Mike adopted Tommie and companion horse Chester in late 1999. The following summer the horses were ridden in Donna and Mike's wedding.

Click here for a larger image Click here for a larger imageSam Austin: found at a local auction, this 7 year old Saddlebred gelding was very thin with string halt in both rear legs. As Sam regained his proper weight and health, the string halt became less apparent. Upon riding, it was apparent Sam was a 5-gaited Saddlebred and had been trained Western pleasure as well. Adopted in November 1999; Sam was returned to FRER in June 2000 as his new owner felt she could not give him enough time and attention. Sam was later re-adopted for trail riding, but had to be returned to the rescue in 2002. Within a short time, one of FRER's volunteers adopted Sam who is spending time learning natural horsemanship methods with his new owner.