Rescued Horses - Case Studies

1998 Case Histories

The following case histories represent a small sample of rescued horses that entered Front Range Equine Rescue's (FRER) program in 1997. FRER's quarterly newsletter, The Hoof Beat, highlights histories of all horses that come into the rescue during the last quarter. The newsletter is available online or you can request an email copy.


Case Studies by Year
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Click here for a larger imageAngel: a 15 year old Appaloosa mare donated by her owner. Angel had been ranched, packed, hunted and bred prior to this owner. Sold off after being injured, Angel had a strong mistrust of people. Rehabilitation dealt with Angel's trust issues and she was adopted as a companion horse in September 1999.

Click here for a larger image Click here for a larger imageCinnamon: rescued at a local auction, this older chestnut mare was emaciated with a fused fetlock. She and her 3 month old foal were to be separated at the auction. FRER bought the pair to keep them together and help Cinnamon recover her health. See her before and after photos above. Cinnamon was adopted to a wonderful home in September 2000.

Click here for a larger imageSierra: rescued from a local auction, this Thoroughbred mare was very nervous and skittish from mishandling in her past. She required weight gain and light exercise to tone her muscles. Adopted in December 1998, Sierra has become an excellent trail riding horse. Due to an out of state move, Sierra's new owner could not keep her and she returned to FRER in May 2001. She was re-adopted in July 2002.

Click here for a larger image Click here for a larger imageStormy: rescued at a local auction, Stormy was the 3 month old foal of Cinnamon. Stormy was adopted in November 1998, but due to a change in living circumstances he was returned to FRER in May 2000. Stormy began his under saddle training in December 2000 and competed in his first horse show in June 2001. Stormy continued his training in 2001-2002, continuing to win ribbons at local schooling shows. He was adopted to his perfect match (an 11 year old young rider) in the summer of 2002.