Rescued Horses - Case Studies

1997 Case Histories

The following case histories represent a small sample of rescued horses that entered Front Range Equine Rescue's (FRER) program in 1997. FRER's quarterly newsletter, The Hoof Beat, highlights histories of all horses that come into the rescue during the last quarter. The newsletter is available online or you can request an email copy.


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Click here for a larger image Click here for a larger image Dakota: found at a local auction, this older gelding was extremely thin and barely able to stand. Arthritis in both front knees was treated with magnetic wraps, low level light therapy and nutritional supplements. By December 1998, Dakota was seen occasionally bucking, trotting, and loping when turned out. Excellent companion horse and safe around kids. Adopted as a companion horse in January 2000, Dakota enjoyed his retirement home. Above are before and after photos. Sadly, Dakota was humanely euthanized in April 2005 due to severe arthritis that prevented him from getting up once he laid down.


Click here for a larger imageGinger: an American Saddlebred mare found at a local auction, was approximately 150-175 pounds underweight with lameness to right foreleg. FRER worked to help Ginger regain normal weight and determine the cause of her lameness. Therapeutic shoeing and alternative therapies, such as magnetic wraps and nutritional supplements, helped decrease her lameness. Adopted in August 1999 to the special home she deserved. FRER was saddened to learn that Ginger died from severe colic in March 2000.


Click here for a larger imageLittle Red: a 3 year old paint gelding found emaciated and crippled at a local auction (auction site shown in this photo). Front Range Equine Rescue purchased this horse to end his suffering. An equine veterinarian agreed with our "diagnosis" that this horse required humane euthanasia. Front Range later learned that Little Red passed through auction 3 times before being rescued. Little Red serves as our "poster child" to show an example of extreme equine abuse.

Click here for a larger imageSunny: found at a local auction, this older paint pony was emaciated and missing 5 upper teeth. Our veterinarian diagnosed him with a severe heart murmur. Treated with low level light therapy and proper nutrition, Sunny showed great improvement by Spring 1998. See his before and after photos above. He was adopted in March 1999 and is adored by several grandchildren.

Click here for a larger imageTigger: this donated chestnut gelding is Front Range's "miracle" case. Suffering severe lameness from a tendon injury, Tigger could barely walk upon arrival. Former injury was treated with conventional veterinary care, but the owner decided to take Tigger to an auction. A local veterinarian suggested donating Tigger to Front Range. Fostered with Equine Therapeutic Specialties, Tigger's condition was turned around with magnetic wraps and low level light therapy. Today Tigger runs in a pasture and can be trail ridden. Adopted in August 1999, Tigger's new owner had to relocate. Tigger was treated with herbal remedies to help with severe cataracts. Tigger was finally adopted by that very special home in June 2003.