Horse Rescue Program

Rescue Program Overview

The rescue program is at the heart of Front Range's work. Incoming horses with unknown backgrounds are quarantined. Horses are obtained from auctions, kill lots, animal control impound, abandonment cases, and owner surrender. The focus is on abused and neglected horses with emphasis on those bound for slaughter. Front Range Equine Rescue is not authorized to investigate/seize abused horses. To report suspected abuse/neglect, contact your local humane society or animal control.

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All horses in the rescue program receive routine veterinary care as well as any emergency care needed. This care includes Coggins test, updated vaccinations, de-worming, dental care, and regular farrier care. The rescue horses are also given supplementation, such as nutritional (i.e., vitamins/minerals, probiotics) or for conditions such as arthritis or Cushings disease. Horses are also provided complementary therapies as needed including, but not limited to, chiropractic, acupuncture, homeopathics, herbal remedies, etc. Once rehabilitated, all horses undergo training assessment prior to being placed up for adoption.

Virginia Rescued Horses

We have just started a new rescue effort in Hilary’s home state of Virginia. A long-time friend has offered her horse farm as a foster for new rescues to rehabilitate and receive training assessment and placement services.

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